How to Add Notes App to iPhone or iPad Control Center

There are times when you are in a hurry and want to write down something. But you don't have a pen or paper handy. In such times Notes app is a great choice.
But the problem is that you have to fidle around the phone to find the app, open app and then tap on new note to start typing.
It can get simpler than that. Just add the Notes app to control centre and with a single tap you are ready to go.
Let me help you in adding Notes to Control Center on iPhone or iPad.
How to Add Notes App to iPhone or iPad Control Center
1. Open Settings app on your iOS device and tap on Control Center.

2. Now, tap on Customize Controls.

3. Under More Controls section, find the Notes and tap on the “+” button to the left of it. Next, quit the Settings.

Now, you can access the Notes app from the Control Centre.

4. Settings You Must Need to Change

Just ensure that the Control Centre toggle in the Settings app 

→ Face/Touch ID & Passcode section is turned ON.

5. Settings You Must Know

How to Customize Notes Settings on iPhone and iPad
1. Open Settings app on your device and select Notes → Tap on Notes.

2. Now tap on Access Notes from Lock Screen.

3. Next, you have three options:

Off: It will prevent Notes from being accessed on LC.
Always Create New Note: It will allow you to create a new note from Lock Screen.
Resume Last Note: It will let pick up from where you left off on your last note.
Choose the desired option based on your requirement.

What these options means

If you select Resume Last Note, you get the option to choose whether to edit the note created on the Lock screen or Viewed in the app.
When you select Created on Lock Screen, you have the option to set the time after which a new note can be created. Go with the shorter time as it’s more secure.

Likewise, if you choose Viewed in Notes App, you can set the time after which a passcode will be required for access. 

Again, the shorter the time, the more secure your file will be.

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