How to Organise Photos into your Instagram Account

Over the past few years Instagram has gained a lot of popularity and it is now one the most used social networking platform. And why not it is unique and distinct in its usability. From sharing stories, photos, short videos it also allows to interact directly with its inbuilt chat feature. 

As you all know Instagram is majorly used for sharing photos and videos with your family, friends and your followers. At times you want to reshare any of the photos from past. However it becomes difficult for anyone having a lot of photos in their account, to find the photos from the past as you have to scroll through your profile to find the one. And since the photos are not locally available on your device it takes time to load the photos and the photo loading takes more time if you are having internet speed issues. 

Worry not! Instagram has a solution for you - Collections. 

Yes you can create albums in your Instagram account and save related photos into it. 

Here’s how you can create Collections in Instagram. 

Go to your profile page and Tap on Bookmark Icon

Tap on + symbol to create a Collection

Name your collection and save it. 

Now go to the collection and Tap on the three dots to add photos to collections. 

Please note that you can only add photos which you have saved. 
To save photos open any photo and Tap on Bookmark icon. Once done A prompt will be shown saying Saved to Collection. 

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