Read WhatsApp Messages Secretely

Read Receipts

WhatsApp has this feature where a sender can find out if their message has been received and then read. This practically the same second that it happens. 

Although this feature is very useful and almost everyone uses it. For this, one of the options can be to enter the settings inside WhatsApp and turn on the Read Receipt feature.

But there is a limitation of using this feature. If you want to see the read receipt of others then you need to share yours as well and there are times when you don’t want others or the sender to know that you have already read his/her message. In such situatios you can turn off the read receipt feature. 
Unfortunately, this turns off the feature for all and doesn’t let you know if the other person has read your texts or not. 
The message report begins with one grey tick (when sent), then two grey ticks (when the message has reached their phone), then two blue ticks (when it’s been read).

However there is another easier way where you need not have to disable this feature and still prevent showing blue tick to others, even though you have read the messages. 

What you need to do?

When a text message arrives on WhatsApp, the first thing to do is to put your phone on the aeroplane mode.
Once offline, open the WhatsApp chat and read the message.
Once read, close the app from the multi-window so it doesn’t stay open in the background and sync when you go online.
After closing the app completely, switch off the aeroplane mode again.
It is worth adding that when you are in the aeroplane mode and are reading the WhatsApp message, make sure you close the app completely by swiping it away from the multi-window section.
If you keep simply press the back button, the app won’t close and will keep running in the background. As a result, as soon as you go online by switching off the aeroplane mode, the double ticks will turn blue as the app, which is actively running in the background, will sync.