How to Set Persistent Notifications for Apps on Your iPhone

What is Persistent Notifications?
When you get a new iOS device, by default temporary banner notifications are enabled. Whenever you receive any notification, while the phone is unlocked, the banner notifications are shown only for a brief period of time. They disappear if no action is taken from your end.
Persistent notifications won't disappear, giving you as long as you need to check them.
Persistent notification banners first made its appearance in iOS 11 and it has changed slightly in iOS 12 and higher. However the fundamental function is still the same, so your notifications won't disappear until you dismiss them or leave an app.

Why you may need it?
You're working on your iPhone or playing an awesome game when you receive a notification. You take too long to look up from your activity, so before you get a chance to see what's up, the notification is gone.

How to Enable Persistent Notifications
To enable this feature,
Go to Settings--> Notifications
Here, you'll …

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